Enhance your kitchen island with our sleek, functional Island Accessories Essentials

Thermal & Cooling Solutions

Graphene-Warmth Plate

Warmth Redefined for Kitchens, Comfort for Cold Days.


Unique Rock Plate Cooler for Food and Beverages.

InvisiWarm Cup Heater

Maintains a steady temperature range of 50-60°C for optimal warmth

Smart Power Management

PopUp Charger

Elevate charging with a retractable, space-saving design

FlipCharge Bar

Seamless, flip-open power integration for kitchens.

Wireless Charger

Sleek, wireless charging embedded in your countertop.

Flexible Storage Solutions

Graphene Heating

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AquaLift Sink

A tap with a lifting mechanism, offering adjustable height for convenience in kitchen use.

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