FlipCharge Bar

Discover the convenience of ‘FlipCharge Bar,’ an elegantly integrated charging solution for your kitchen island. Effortlessly flip it open for access to power outlets and neatly tuck it away to maintain a clean countertop. Its sleek design enhances your kitchen’s modern aesthetic while offering practical utility.


Product Specification:

Total Power:

2200W, suitable for powering a variety of electronic devices.

Interface Compatibility:

RJ45, For internet or local network connections via network cables.
HDMI 1.5: Supports high-definition video and audio output for TVs, monitors, or laptops.
USB 5V 2A: Standard USB port for charging or connecting a variety of USB devices.

Socket Type:

3 sets of GB5 Sockets (Interchangeable for European, American, and British standards)

LUFTMED Intelligent Rock Plate Cooling System

Overview The LUFTMED Intelligent Rock Plate Cooling System stands as the only cooling device of its kind on the market. Seamlessly integrated with Italian Tellos rock plates, it offers direct food contact compatibility – a feature widely appreciated in various settings, such as preserving sushi, chilling beverages like cola, and more.

Functionality and Advantages

  • Innovative Cooling Technology: Utilizes low-pressure DC and electric level-driven cooling modules.
  • Efficient Performance: Achieves temperatures as low as -20°C under normal room conditions (up to 26°C).
  • Compact Design: With a size of L240 x W100, it fits comfortably in various kitchen layouts.

Technical Specifications

  • Size: L240*W100
  • Minimum Cooling Temperature: -20°C at ≤26°C room temperature
  • Compatibility: Direct food contact with Italian Tellos rock plates
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